Decatur Choral Society

Fall Concert

Sunday, November 13, 2021

2:00 and 7:30 PM

St. Patrick's Church

A Message from Decatur Choral Society

As I started to write this letter, I thought about all the words that are being used to describe the current circumstances: unprecedented, crisis, lockdown, social distancing, isolation… But I don’t need to recount what is happening in the world. Instead, I offer a different word: hope.

We have seen hope springing up in the people who report to work every day to keep essential businesses running, in those who are on the front lines, healing and protecting us. We have also seen it in the spontaneous acts of generosity, kindness, and unity that are being reported from all over the globe. In many of these instances, hope is being ushered in through music. People singing collectively from their windows and balconies, or just one voice singing into an empty street. Musicians joining forces from neighboring houses or apartments, or broadcasting live shows on social media for all to enjoy. Hope and music weave through all of humanity, holding us together.

Clinically speaking, music has the power to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety and depression, improve blood flow and memory, and much more. But it goes deeper than that. “I think music in itself is healing,” American musician Billy Joel once said. “It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by.”

Although we will not be able to share music together in person this May, I pray you will find joy and hope in the music that you love.

Becky Stubblefield

President, Decatur Choral Society

Decatur Choral Society Purpose

A) To plan, promote and develop the opportunity for singing and performing a broad range of distinguished sacred and secular choral literature for the people of Decatur, Macon County and surrounding communities in Illinois.

B) To promote public appreciation of choral works and performance of them and to educate the general public in this type of music.